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Tank Integrity Management Course STI/SPFA The Tank Integrity Management course requires successful completion of six modules and quizzes about various aspects of shop fabricated storage tank management. A certificate is issued after successful completion to demonstrate understanding of how shop fabricated steel fuel storage tanks are built, installed, operated, and maintained.

Steel Water Pipe Overview Dennis Dechant, Dechant Infrastructure Important points to consider on steel pipe for a project.
Steel Water Pipe Linings and Coatings Dennis Dechant, Dechant Infrastructure Services A review of design considerations, standards and specifications for steel water pipe coatings.
Steel Water Pipe Fittings and Design Dennis Dechant, John Luka Webinar with new content from industry experts. Length 2 hours.
Steel Water Pipe: Installing Flanges David E, Lay, Nels Thompsen The knowledge you need to install leak-free bolted flanges, plus hot tapping steel pipe.
Steel Water Pipe Installation and Inspection Dennis Dechant, Matt Foster, Billy Fields A two-hour webinar with steel water pipe industry experts.

Petroleum Storage Tank Maintenance Webinar Rick Chapman, Innospec Fuel Specialties; Brad Hoffman, Tanknology Inc.; John Albert, State of Missouri; Lorri Grainawi, STI/SPFA All storage tanks require maintenance to ensure the highest quality of the product stored and to extend the tank's useful life. And that translates into time and money saved for tank owners and operators. This webinar has everything you need to know for optimum tank maintenance.
Regulation of Tanks Inside Buildings: A Guide for Code Users and Enforcers Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey Whether you're a code user or a code enforcer, don't miss this informative webinar. Learn what you need to know about regulations affecting tanks inside buildings, a growing installation option. Original broadcast November 5, 2012.
Tank Venting Essentials: PreVENTing Catastrophe Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey View code experts Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey present this informative webinar—everything you need to know about fire code requirements for normal and emergency tank venting. Original broadcast September 2011.

“The networking that STI/SPFA offers has been great from every aspect of our business from safety and quality to customer exposure.”

Paul Windham
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